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1. What does a session typically look like with me?

I am ALL about the connection!

I want to get to know you and your significant other/family so your session is comfortable and effortless!

I’m all about using fun/silly/sexy prompts instead of poses! Which means… don’t be afraid to open up with me!

The goofier you feel, the better your photos will be - I PROMISE. Like a million times promise promise!

I want you to look back at your photos and literally FEEL the connection, laughter and butterflies. Like you’re on a date.

That is 100% my goal! Connection over poses, and being present over perfection.

We will just explore your session location together while you play and interact & I take photos.

Want to get into the ocean with your boo?! Great!

I’ll get in with you to get those steamy/playful shots!

(Seriously though. Get into the ocean during your session - it’s the beeeest!)

2. What should I wear to a session?

OK - you’ve just booked your session with me (yay!) but you are totally stumped on what to wear.

Don’t worry! I’m here to help :)

Important wardrobe things to remember about ANY location: 

-Ladies... you know your outfit is typically the most important ;)

So I usually recommend starting with your outfit, then planning everyone else's around it! 

-The more FLOW  the better for your dresses!

When your dress flows and blows in the wind during your session, it creates such

pretty movement in the photos. So. Flow, flow, flow ;)

-Patterns: The less patterns the better :)

I always tell my clients that SOME pattern is ok (like tiny, dainty flowers or pin stripes,) but try and steer clear

of those larger patterns. (Think… chevron, busy prints, etc.) You don’t want your clothes to be the

focal point of the photo… because YOU should be the focal point!


-Comfy. Make sure whatever you choose to wear is COMFORTABLE!

When you aren’t comfortable in your clothes, then you aren’t as confident, and you can 100% tell in photos!

So yes. Buy the cute clothes, but just make sure you feel amazing in

whatever you’re wearing so you can come out and rock your session!


-Don’t stress!  If outfit planning and coordinating is stressful to you,

then PLEASE reach out to me! I would LOOOOVE to help you - that’s what I’m here for!

And that’s what you’re paying me for ;) So don’t stress and lets chat!


3. Can I have the RAW images? 

No, I’m sorry! I spend countless hours editing your photos (because I love it!)

I have a specific way I like to edit photos, and I try to keep my editing on point with my brand :)

4. How long does it take to receive the online gallery?

For portrait sessions, you will receive your gallery within 2 weeks of your session date.

For weddings/elopements, you will receive your gallery within 2 months of your event date.

5. What happens if we need to cancel or reschedule?

Your deposit is non-refundable for any  reason. Why?

Because after your deposit is paid and you secure your date with me, then I have already said

no to other couples looking to book the same date. But on the bright side, your deposit can

be used towards a future date within 30 days :)

6. What happens if we get rained out for our session?

I always communicate with you 2 days before your session to touch base on the weather

and any other last minute questions. I don’t mind shooting in the rain as long as my gear will not

get ruined! Rainy sessions can be super dreamy!  While your deposit is still non-refundable

even if it rains, you can still use it towards a later session date within 30 days.

7. Where are you located? Do you travel for weddings or sessions?

I’m based out of St. Petersburg, Florida… and YES I tooootally travel for weddings and sessions! You name it, I'm there!

8. How do we choose a good location for our session?

I’m here to help with that! I can give you a list of recommendations while we’re chatting during the booking process.​

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I haven't answered one of your questions!

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